Outside the wall - we won't go to the cemetery

In Warsaw, the biggest cemetery is Powąski. Instead of entering it, I decided to walk along its enclosure. I could then see what are the neighboorhood that adjoins it (Nowolipki, Młynów, Koło) , how does it manage to cohabitate, how does the concrete boundaries look like and materilaize. Here is the frontier between the homes of the living and of the deads, the surroundings of the passing.

The walk starts from the walls enclosing the Jewish part of the cemetery - near which a monument remembering the massacre of the Jews and the Poles together. 

After passing along the Orthodox part, at the other side in Młynarski street there is this calm and nature part that is aside, where fragments of the Jewish ghetto wall remains, walking on a paved street.

Continuing along Ostroga and Tatarska, where the Muslim part can be visited, after that some main gates offer to enter the Catholic part.

Finishing along Powąkowska

© Piotr Grudzinski

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