I knew Pitchfork from the musical blog, thanks to witch I could discover so many abnds and inide music. The Paris festival takes place in a former slaughter place, where meat were sold to other marchands. Today, it is a half cover / half open air big space where bands are playing one after another. I went there in 2017 and I was still consistently taking realistic pictures, although cinematically influenced.

This year, in 2018, I came back and nothing changed in the festival : same kind of bands, same people and atmosphere. Except that over the past year, I tended to more abstraction and experiments, I wanted more and more my photos not to ressemble  like the one from last year. In term of compositon as well as in term of trying new techniques. Moreover, I did not want to be followed by any rules nor popularity pressure. Just by my instinct, whatever the convention might be/

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